London Fashion Week 2020 /

We have just launched our new project during LFW2020

Its all about up-cycling, re-designing, re-inventing, customising and restoring old pieces into new ones. 

We know that the fashion industry it's one of the biggest polluter and keeps destroying this planet and out beautiful nature. We don't want to be part of it, we want to make some impact and make small changes where possible within our value chain (people who works for us or with us, fabric)

We don't want to create even more waste, but opposite we want to create something new from the old by just adding some unique, beautiful detail by restoring, re-inventing them and creating one of a kind design that would make me, you and this Planet happy ! 

Now our new product is more affordable and still unique. 

London Fashion Week February  2020

Organiser: Organic PR

Venue: Royal Horse Guard Hotel

 Photography by @snappyportraits 


 Photography by @poeticframe


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